Massachusetts Criminal Defense Law

Find Massachusetts attorneys handling all Criminal Matters in the Commonwealth
What to do if you are Arrested
Your Rights and an Overview of the Massachusetts Criminal Process: Your Legal Rights When Arrested, Questioning, Physical Evidence, Release.

Arraignment and Pretrial
Deciding the Charges and Preliminary Hearing

Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law
Breathalyzer Testing
Driver's License Loss
Our Lawyers handle all cases Including:
Motor Vehicle Matters, including drunk driving
White Collar Crimes
Disorderly Conduct, Assault Cases
Violent Crimes
Sex crimes and offenses
Possession of Drugs

Contact or network if you have been accused of a crime. The member lawyers have trial experience in nearly all courts, in all criminal matters in Massachusetts. From misdemeanors or crimes such as drunk driving to very serious charges the attorneys will provide professional, confidential advice. No criminal matter should be taken lightly, if your matter is urgent please call 1-800-934-2921.

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